Collaborations To Benefit You

We have collaborated with the London Basketball Association (LBA). LBA was founded in 2012 and is a committed organisation, built up and employing directly from the communities that LBA work within. We have managed to expand a variety of the benefits they offer across the UK. Through the sport of basketball LBA benefit and unite thousands of beneficiaries from disadvantaged and deprived communities and so cutting social costs to society. Click here to donate and help their cause.

The London Basketball Association have achieved 10 awards in the past 7 years, also achieving the “Active Westminster” & “London Youth Gold” quality marks.

LBA offers fantastic membership benefits, including discounted DBS, 19 FREE online courses including First Aid & Child Protection. AllOfficials registered users get the membership for FREE.

London Basketball Association’s Membership

LBA offers memberships for individuals, organisations and officials. Membership prices start from £40 – however if you are an AllOfficials user, LBA is offering the membership for free.

Membership Benefits:


The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

Everyone who officiates and coaches players under 18 years of age must possess a DBS and have a valid safeguarding certificate.

LBA is now a verifier to provide DBS checks. Sign up below to request the DBS and we will send you an email asking for your documents and a link to the portal for you to complete. Your DBS will be received within 4 weeks of submission.

Being a member of LBA allows you to purchase the DBS for £25 (instead of £40).

19 Online Qualifications

As part of their membership, LBA offer 19 free nationally recognised online courses.

These Include:

  1. First Aid Essentials
  2. Safeguarding Young People
  3. Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure
  4. Equality & Diversity
  5. Online Safety
  6. Introduction into Safety in Clubs
  7. Personal Safety
  8. Preventing Bullying
  9. Safeguarding Adults
  10. Safer Recruitment
  11. Food Hygiene & Safety
  12. Child Protection – Refresher
  13. Introduction Into Child Sexual Exploitation
  14. Concussion Awareness
  15. Mental Wellbeing in Sport & Physical Activity
  16. Raising Awareness to Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  17. Practical Guide to GDPR
  18. Child Exploitation
  19. Health and Safety